Disable OneNote activity notification emails

July 27, 2016 by

Somewhat recently, Microsoft automatically enabled notifications for all of my onenote notebooks. I was on vacation in Scarborough, Me recently, and the notification emails drove me nuts! It really is a nice idea, but as I am in my onenote all day, deleting emails saying “Here’s a summary of recent activity in your notebook” is not exactly how I want to spend my free time.

I also happen to have multiple onedrive accounts, so when I am working in my own shared OneNote, it appears like someone else is making changes.


The fix is very simple.

Part 1. Fix the problem.

  1. Click the update notification settings link at the bottom of one of those annoying emails.
  2. Disable / Enable notification for your desired OneNote Notebook, or disable them all.

update notification settings


onenote online notebook notification settings



Part 2. Prevent Future Outbreaks.

  1. Log in to your personal onedrive account (the one where the onenote notebook is located
  2. Go to options > Notifications
  3. Uncheck the box for “someone makes changes to files I shared





ta-da, No more emails.