Maker Faire 2011, San Francisco

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I’m at the Maker Faire in San Francisco this weekend. I got a chance to meet lots of cool people – Jeri Ellsworth, Jeff Keyzer, Garret Mace, Ian Lesnet and lots of other really awesome individuals.

I stopped in the Element 14 booth and had a chat with one of their Software developers, Drew Fustini, who is also a member of Pumping station one in chicago. We talked about The Amp Hour and who we had seen here in the expo hall. He hooked me up with a free Element 14/ Adafruit mini POV (persistence of Vision) solder kit and a station to put it together. As I was sitting working away, who should arrive but the Mighytohm (Jeff) himself!

Later in the day (once my mini POV was complete) I got a chance to talk to Ian from Dangerous prototypes. He had a new oscilloscope board that they had on display. He showed me some of its features, though we failed to read anything lower than 50 mhz square waves. He also showed me the BusPirate, and how it can be used to interact and read back data from various devices.

I then moved on to the MaceTech where I chilled in the awesome party tent with Garret and purchased a Centipede shield and an Octobright Cyanea .

I also ran into Mark Sproul from Rutgers University and Fubar Labs (Hes the guy who did all the pic software development for the chipKIT Max32, and Rick Anderson did the compiler modifications. (EDIT: Hack-a-day had some additional coverage on Mark from Saturday’s event here. )

Basically he said the Ethernet shield has some IC’s that talk on the physical level, and is going to be out in July.
He also was referencing how the kit is possible, by working at the abstraction layer and making a simple text file that goes between the lower code and the h file. “Give me a GCC compiler, any GCC compiler, and ill have it running in a week”

He said he wants to work on ARM Cortex, and some other platforms, and that essentially its so simple you could do it, its just a text file.
By the way, He’s just as much a hacker as anyone. While yes, Digilent sent him lots of free dev boards, hes not getting paid to develop this.

Off to day two of Maker Faire 20011, San Francisco Bay, and the “Bring a Hack” Meetup!

Capacitance of the body?

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Take a look at this… a 555 circuit that powers on an LED when your place your hand near it.

Lets see if i can get this down to just one 555, with predictable results. Thinking of using it for something…

from NESIT’s 555 build off day, made by one of our junior “members”.

Im sorry Dave… Im afraid I can’t do that.

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Thanks to Dave, for the tweaked revolution-code-blue theme.

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