Nanode: Round 2 – Pachube with Various sensors

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Webservers are so 1990’s. We need fresh ways of collecting and displaying data. Too bad there isn’t a “cloud” service out there for that.

Oh, wait, There is!

Following the basic code on the Nanode website I was able to set up my own Pachube (Now COSM Xively) account and configure my nanode to stream data over to their logging service.

Here is the list of items used in this build:

Nanode V5 by WickedDevice
ModernDevice TempSensor (i2c temperature sensor) from Liquidware, which is a breakout for the TMP421  from Texas Instruments.
Serial LCD v1.1 – 16×2 “Twig” Grove display from SeeedStudios SeeedStudio “Grove” light sensor v 1.0
PIR sensor (Motion Detector) , Ebay


Sample Code

The internal IP address is staticly defined, along with the DNS settings for This was cobbled together in november / december, and since then new code is available for proper DNS resoloution.

Upon power up, the Nanode checks it is connected to the network, then polls the sensors and stores them to variables. It refreshes the LCD and “prints” it to the screen, prints to the serial port, and shoots the data up to


As seen in my office, hanging precariously off my booklamp.