Hey Linux, What wireless card do I have?

I was curious what wireless card I had in my Thinkpad T540p. I have Debian 9 installed on it. A quick search reveled an ubuntu forum post that provided some terminal commands for listing various hardware. List hardware: lspci Adding a pipe (|) and grep command with “Wireless” as the filter yields the following To determine […]

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SCCM Site Reset

    My SCCM upgrade project has been sitting since August 2017. I had wanted to upgrade my SCCM 2012 to the current branch, in order to do a system deployment (200+ convertible laptops on W10 “Creators” 1703). Due to time constraints and seeming endless issues, I ended up going with simple WDS + MDT. […]

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Light up musical Christmas Card

Originally Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 Three days before Christmas, just as I was falling asleep, I had a vision of a led Christmas tree card.  I imagined it would have a number of charliplexed LED’s blinking in a decorative fashion. I had a few AT Tiny85 microcontrollers on hand from prior projects on […]

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